JPR’s Exports is a global marketplace for vegetables, fresh fruits, meat, spices, rice and fertilizers. We have worldwide buyers and consumers choose JPRS products and services because of a reputation for quality value and customer service. Many exporters are small or medium sized businesses just like but figuring out the best way to expand to new markets can be challenging for us. JPR’s products or services in demand overseas as we do with foreign buyers successfully ship goods and complete the transactions.

Our Vision: To make farmer self-sufficient in agriculture and to export fresh fruit and vegetables which are grown in our country and attain trade.

How do JPR’s gets ready to export.

We at JPR’s have the resources and capacity to expand into new markets. We are very planned your market strategy by conducting research on possible foreign markets. JPR’s is developed business with global web presence, this may be the first place foreign buyers find our company. Bringing buyers and sellers together is our specialty.

Before we export, JPR’s determine if your product or service needs the export license. JPR’s is registered company with foreign standards certifications or regulations that may apply to your product. Lastly we confirm duties, taxes, shipping costs this can impact your profit margin. And that covers the essential elements of the export process and we are becoming a successful exporter in india.


CEO & Founder

Mr.Subair is most passionate about agriculture and making farmer’s self-sufficient in farming. He is our highest-ranking executive at JPR’s World, and his responsibilities include making major corporate decisions, managing the overall operations and resources of a JPR’s World, and he deals with the main point of communication between the board of directors and corporate operations of JPR’s Export business.
Phone: (91) 861-831-7027

Megha B


Megha is our director who is very passionate, responsible for leading and maintaining the modern agricultural practices for achieving self-sustainable farming.  She always look forward to provide quality agricultural products without compromising in order to ensure the best products for customers what has promised. She is very responsible for planning, communicating with businesses, procedures and encourage the optimum performance.
Phone: (+91)7795673481


JPR’s Marketing Manager

Ashraf is one of our director at JPR’s world who primarily responsible for managing the jpr’s world finances, including financial planning, management of risks, record-keeping, and reporting of exports.