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We would love to receive queries, feedback and inquiries from our customers as it makes us feel good so much. We offer 24/7 customer support for all our services and we know it is the most important factor when deciding to do business with any company. We always want to make sure the entire purchase of service to our customers, what we believe is most importantly happy customers become loyal customers and loyal customers are very valuable for us.

JPR’s world always look to for good feedback from customers and businesses as they’re very likely to spread the love and recommend our services to others. So we would love to interact with our customers every day.

24-1, HNRKR building, Basavanapura
Battrahalli signal, KR Puram, Bangalore
(91) 861- 831 - 7027
(91) 988 - 607 - 2592
Toll Free:
(080) 43-702153
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    24-1, HNRKR building, Basavanapura, Main Road, Battrahalli signal, KR Puram, Bangalore
    Phone: (91) 861-831-7027
    Mobile: (91) 080-4370-2153


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