The goal of this JPR’s world company is providing fresh fruits and vegetables from the region to the gulf markets. Knowing both the capacity of the region and the increase in farming efforts taking place in our city, We see a very good opportunity for introduce the products of the region into different markets like Riyadh and Qatar. We will provide an excellent product, with great quality, on time and especially, through foreign trade agreements that provide a truly quality experience to our customers from start to end. These products only use Air and Sea transportation.

We are very proud of the region and we are looking forward to contributing to the region economic development and specially opening International Business relationships for the region. We control the fruit farming process, Vegetable exports, Non Vegeterian (Cow, Goat & Sheep farming), Supply fertilizers, across local and gulf marketplaces.

We applying industry best practices like the planting, filtering, cropping, agriculture and the use of fertilizer to harvest plants oraganically. We using the proper wrapping completely to avoids pests and grows a premium quality organic product, as requested by our Riyadh and Qatar customers. And we have realized that there are many entrepreneurs who has come from somewhere else and there is already seeding.

Now people come from large companies of which they want to export gulf countries for the excellent quality, we have with papaya, guava, coconut tender and others, not only papaya, we also have mango, grapes and blueberries, and they are products that in the future will become our flagship product here.

We are located at Bangalore area, main agricultural farming, fruits and product exporter and also the main collection center in all India.
Here we find the harvest of three early season varieties, which are quite important for the internal market.

JPR’s WORLD is an exportable vegetable and fruit market export business where you can find all the freshly harvested agriculture and fruit products.

Our quality is highly appreciated in Gulf markets and has a production up to nearly 100 containers in each campaign.

Here at JPR’s World, Our aim to educate people about farming and agriculture organic products in general because the more and more of the public is connected with us, the story the life support we will have as farmers. That’s a bottom line of JPR’s world.